Monday, December 2, 2013

Money or Clean Water?

"The Global Oyster" published an informative article along with an Al-Jazeera news clip concerning gold mining in a certain area of Chile. Both the article and the news clip are incredibly informative and give the viewers a first-hand look on events going on in Latin America regarding locals standing up against corporations.

The main issue that article and news clip are discussing is water pollution done by a certain gold mining operation in a Chilean mountainous region. The locals there decided that they do not want gold mining machinery polluting their water supplies. Because of this, the government did manage to stop the gold miners' operations for a period of time, while the gold mining corporation installs technology that will have a less harmful effect. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the technology will work and whether or not the corporation will be stopped again if pollution restarts.

This article really shows how a native population can have influence (with the help of Al-Jazeera) over massive corporations based in other continents. Even though the issue is nowhere near resolved, there is some hope nevertheless.

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  1. Hi Emil - would you post the link to the article you're talking about?