Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stop the deforestation of the Amazon!

Deforestation has been an enormous issue in South American countries for an incredibly long period of time now. The deforestation of the Amazon often makes the news worldwide. Both international tension, as well as Brazilian domestic action, have been able to decrease the land deforested annually by half over the last ten years (from around 40 sq km per year to around 20 per year).

The BBC released an article discussing the issue and what actions are being taken to decrease deforestation. Not only describing everything reviewed above, the article describes what actions are being done both to increase and decrease deforestation. According to the article, while many government initiatives are currently implemented to stop the issue, there is a strong opposition to policies implemented to keep forests alive because agriculture accounts for five percent of the country's economy. Even though there has been a steady decreasing rate of deforestation, it remains to be seen whether, or not the issue gets stopped entirely.

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