Sunday, December 15, 2013

Living with pollution

The video made by VICE is meant to examine Linfen, China--the world's most polluted city (according to the World Bank, Forbes, CNN and even some Chinese news sources). The video showed what the city looks like and how it got to the point of being the world's most polluted city. While the narrator is at times comical in order to lighten the subject, what is discussed is terrifying to hear. The VICE representative went and interviewed doctors, factory owners, business owners and Communist Party members. While they all unanimously said that the problem is horrific, none of them seemed to mind it too much. They all said that there was nothing to do about it. The only person who stood up was China's Green Peace activist who in a very coherent manner went through all of the issues.

While the purpose  of the video was to demonstrate the horrors of air pollution, it also had a different effect. Through interviewing people of all occupations and ages, the video showed how people live in the same way as anywhere else. They all go to school, attend work, swim in rivers, walk around without face masks. This must have surprised the narrator and he must have included this aspect of daily life into the video to show the people acceptance/ignorance of the issue.

To view the video go here for part one and here for part two.

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