Monday, December 2, 2013

From the Meiji Restoration to the Present

Have you ever wondered about Japan's environmental history? Contrary to popular belief, Japan has only recently began to strongly enforce anti-pollution laws. The article published by the Aozora Foundation goes into relative depth examining the nation's environmental history beginning with the Meiji Restoration.

Contrary to the government's statement of solving most of the air pollution based problems back in the 1960s, the article reveals that Japan only really (beginning in the 90s) started solving its air pollution problems.While this detail may not seem too relevant, we must also keep in mind that Japan has offered to assist China, its environmentally damaged neighbor, in cleaning up the air in the city skies. From this, one question arises (if China even agrees to receive aid and advise). Can Japan even have the slightest impact on China's environment?

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