Monday, November 11, 2013

India: If breathing is important to you, then watch out!

If I were to say the word "India," what would you think of? Perhaps you would think of it as a historically rich nation, or a modern, rapidly developing nation with the second highest population in the world. Currently, because India is rapidly industrializing, the nation has a multitude of environmental problems, one of which is poor air being so bad, that it is a leading cause of cancer. In the last five years the WHO set up many tests to determine just how bad the pollution was major cities in India. The results were worrying to say the least.
The WHO determined that 20% of all lung cancer was caused by the air pollution. Currently while scientists insist on developing legal systems for decreasing the amount of pollutants released from the factories, the government does not seem to be taking a concrete stance on the issue.

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