Sunday, November 17, 2013

China's Road to a Green Future

An article published by (to view click here) focuses on legislature in China and how it influences carbon emissions in the developing giant that is China. The article also goes into details on the current state of managing carbon emissions and what the nation's future plans are.

Primarily the article describes a few pilot programs that will allow the nation to gradually decrease and control the amount of carbon dioxide released by manufacturing plants. Because the program is only an experiment, it is only put in place in a handful of second tier (medium sized) cities. The article states that even though the pilot program may prove to be effective for most manufacturing plants, the major steel and aluminium plants may be a larger challenge.

In sum, the article claims that it is a good thing that China has started working on controlling carbon dioxide, however the pilot program will not begin having an impact on the environment until 2025, the predicted year the program will be implemented nationwide.

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